No matter what obstacles the journey throws up,
women when educated and nurtured will thrive.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

The River Nile School offers full time programs delivering VCAL curriculum to re-engage Refugee and Asylum Seeker school aged women who have had disrupted schooling or who are struggling to cope with their current education arrangements or settings.

Our aim is to equip our students to move on to further education or employment, and if they are mothers, to have an effective input into their own children’s education.

What distinguishes River Nile from other schools is that we provide Individual Learning Plans tailored to meet each student’s needs. The plans are supported by a large number of volunteers who tutor the students. They are cared for by our team, supported by mentors and assisted with public transport and basic food staples.

Our program is unique because students, if they have young children, are able to bring them to school to be cared for free of charge in our licensed childcare centre, staffed by trained childcare workers from the African community. This enables students to focus on their studies, while providing age-appropriate programs for the children. It also reduces the pressure on our students to find alternative and costly childcare.

As part of the program, we also employ a Welfare Director to work with students to help minimise interruptions to their schooling. Stable housing, emotional stability, financial independence and good health are fundamental to a student’s ability to concentrate on her studies.

This program runs Monday - Friday from 10.00am until 3.00pm.


We give priority to supporting young women who are mothers, with free childcare.

Our alone mothers are among the most disadvantaged in our community, often isolated and with the least opportunity to engage in their education.

All education, social support and childcare are provided free-of-charge to the students, as they are unable to contribute to the cost of their education.

Through education, RNS is breaking the cycle of dependence on social welfare and opening new opportunities for these mothers and even better ones for their children.