Ongoing delivery of our programs is dependent on the support of our dedicated team of volunteers.
As our programs grow and develop, we need high quality volunteers to help deliver them.

A key ingredient to our unique and successful education model is one-on-one or small group volunteer tutoring for our students for 2 hours each day.

Many people, from all ages and walks of life feel they want to give back to the community.
They volunteer because they have time or skills they want to share.  Some volunteers come to RNS as part of a specific program for a few weeks only. Others come weekly or fortnightly. Many have been with us for a number of years, and new volunteers begin all the time. Our volunteers are not just ‘free labour’ but the soul of our free community.

There are many people who contribute to RNS and don’t tutor. They mentor, open their gardens to raise funds, make cakes, give material donations, write grants and do essential administration work. These are the unseen people behind our survival and success.



I’ve been volunteering at RNS for about eighteen months having heard a lot about the organisation from my daughter who volunteered there while she was at the University of Melbourne. I immigrated to Australia from the UK in 2000 with minimum problems and have since looked for an opportunity to be useful to those who have had a more difficult experience. I like RNS' approach, which is less political and more practical than some other organisations I looked at. The staff and students are always so cheerful and enthusiastic and every week I go away feeling that I have actually achieved something useful because learning of any kind is never wasted.” 


“Apart from assisting these mature students to strengthen their English, the students are also encouraged to attain tertiary qualifications and so move into fields of study relevant to their intelligence and interests.  I find it a joy just to ‘talk’ with them and hear about their life stories!  What a learning curve it is for me … quite humbling!  I only wish those I speak to about the RNS could see the smiles of joy and gratitude from the students when we meet and when we both ‘understand’ each other!  To volunteer at the RNS is a privilege … an opportunity to be with dedicated staff and students who can see beyond the comfort of their own four walls!”